Laser Level Transmitter Technology

Lidar llaser level transmitter for industrial process automation measurement or control
LLT-1000 Laser Level Transmitter is rugged,
accurate, and easy to use.
Image courtesy Jogler LLC
Jogler, manufacturer of level measurement instruments, provides a laser level transmitter for industrial process measurement and control applications. The rugged instrument provides continuous non-contact level measurement for process automation and inventory management across an array of industrial applications.

A laser level transmitter can provide reliable measurement of solids or opaque liquids with little interference from granular or foaming surfaces. The technology provides for very long measuring distance, enabling a large standoff from a hazardous location or measuring within a very large vessel. The narrow beam emitted by the transmitter can be easily located to avoid false readings from mixers or other purposeful obstructions within a vessel. The long measuring range, narrow beam, easy installation and high accuracy make the laser based level measurement technology suitable for application in silos, tanks, hoppers, chutes, and bunkers. In addition to being a non-contact measuring method, a laser level transmitter can function effectively through a transparent sight glass installed on a vessel. The complete isolation of the instrument from the process media can be beneficial in many applications.

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New Portable pH and ORP Measurement Instrument

portable handheld pH ORP meter
The Pro2Go portable pH meter provides top flight
measurement capability in a handheld portable package.
Image courtesy Mettler Toledo
Mettler Toledo has combined a broad range of user-friendly features in an industrially rugged, versatile, accurate instrument for pH and redox measurements. The Pro2Go is light weight and designed for single-handed operation. With compatibility among analog and Mettler Toledo's ISM sensors, along with a graphic LCD display and intuitive menu operation in 10 languages, the unit will provide superior service throughout many industrial process operations.

A data sheet, included below, provides more detail on the robust pH and redox measurement system. Measurement data can be accumulated in the field, with up to 2000 readings stored in the unit available for simple transfer via USB connection.

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Rugged Benchtop Refractometer

benchtop or portable process refractometer
The DSA E-Scan is a benchtop refractometer
rugged enough for portable field use.
Image courtesy Electron Machine Corp.
Refractometry is a widely employed analytical technique used to indirectly measure dissolved solids content of subject liquids. The process employs a refractometer, a device or instrument, to determine the refractive index for a test sample. The measurement is employed throughout science and industry to assess a material's composition or purity.

The refractive index of a substance is dependent, in part, upon temperature and the wavelength of light used in the measurement. Common applications include Brix testing for sucrose level, along with others in the beverage, pulp and paper, chemical, flavor, and fragrance industries. Refractometry is used as a quality control measurement, to assure uniformity among product batches.

Manual refractometers have been available for many years and require human observation and interpretation of a scale reading to obtain a refractive index. Automatic, as well as in-line units are available today that provide uniform accuracy and faster sample processing.

The DSA E-Scan, manufactured by Electron Machine, is an automatic, bench-top critical angle refractometer with a digital readout and temperature-controlled sample chamber. Its compact size and rugged design permit operation in the field and in areas with limited space. The unit provides fast and accurate refractive index measurements of sample liquids.

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