Measure Disinfectants, pH, Temperature, and ORP With One Instrument

water analyzer multi parameter pH, ORP,temperature,disinfectant
Krypton® Multi analyzer from Kuntze Instrument
Process control involves confirmation of the attainment of certain output conditions at various stages of the process or operation. This is necessary to assure that the input of the following step is at known conditions. These confirmation measurements can require substantial amounts of instrumentation, each with its own protocols, operating procedure, maintenance requirements, and other burdens of ownership and operation. Consolidating multiple measurement functions into a single instrument or unit of equipment can have advantages on many fronts.

The Kryton® Multi, from Kuntze Instruments, can measure up to five analytical parameters. The system includes analog inputs, PID control, analog outputs, relay outputs, alarms, automatic sensor cleaning, and a host of other useful features combined into a single compact unit. The system is provided complete with instrumentation, sensors, assembly and wiring. Common applications include monitoring of disinfection operations, process water, drinking water, and beverages. The Kryton®  is also available as a single parameter analyzer, designated model DES.

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