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From Safety to Efficiency: Why Industrial Electric Tote Heaters are Key in Process Plants

From Safety to Efficiency: Why Industrial Electric Tote Heaters are Key in Process Plants

Industrial electric tote heaters, also known as IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) tote heaters, play a crucial role in the daily operations of manufacturing facilities and process plants. Their importance stems from their capabilities to maintain, raise, or lower the temperature of the contents inside the IBC totes, which can be critical for a variety of reasons:
  1. Process Optimization: Many industrial processes require specific temperature maintenance for optimal efficiency. If the temperature is too low or too high, the process might not work as effectively or be damaged. IBC tote heaters ensure that the materials remain at the optimal temperature throughout the process.
  2. Preventing Material Solidification: Certain materials, such as certain oils, chemicals, or foodstuffs, can solidify or thicken at low temperatures, making them difficult to work with or damaging equipment. Tote heaters can prevent this from happening by maintaining a stable temperature.
  3. Improving Material Flow: By maintaining or increasing the temperature of the materials, tote heaters can improve the flow of viscous materials, making processes more efficient and preventing blockages in machinery.
  4. Safety: In some cases, materials might need to be kept at a specific temperature to prevent them from becoming hazardous. For example, certain chemicals might become volatile or corrosive if they get too cold or too hot. Tote heaters can help maintain a safe temperature.
  5. Product Quality: Maintaining the correct temperature can also be necessary to ensure the final product's quality. For example, a food product at the wrong temperature could spoil or develop off-flavors.
  6. Cost-Efficiency: Electric tote heaters are often more energy-efficient than other heating methods, which can save money in the long term. They also provide uniform heat distribution, which is more efficient and prevents hotspots.
  7. Flexibility: Many electric tote heaters are adjustable and portable, quickly moved between different totes or adjusted to accommodate other materials or process requirements.
Electric tote heaters are essential to many manufacturing facilities and process plants by providing precise temperature control, safety, and process efficiency. They enable these facilities to function effectively, safely, and economically.

Alliance Technical Sales

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Heaters

Intermediate bulk containers (also known as IBC tote, IBC tank, IBC, or pallet tank) are stackable, reusable, flexible containers with an integrated pallet base. These multi-use industrial-grade containers are designed to handle, transport, and store liquids, semi-solids, pastes, or solids. They are normally available in 250, 275, 330, 350, 450 and 550 gallon sizes. IBC totes are commonly used in food and beverage production, labs, cosmetics manufacturing, petrochemical/chemical production, oil & gas production, and in many areas of general manufacturing. 

Often, the contents of IBC totes need to be heated to prevent freezing or optimize viscosity for pumping or pouring. IBC tote heaters (or just tote heaters) refer to a certain style of flexible and immersion heaters used to heat the contents of intermediate bulk containers.  Most applications fall in to these areas: viscosity control, freeze protection, thermal mixing, temperature maintenance, and biofuel / biodiesel heating. Failure in keeping the products inside the IBC could result in the contents being ruined, production delays, or inability to dispense at all, which in turn increases production costs or causes damage. Damaged  equipment, replacing ruined materials, or waiting for usable product are expensive prices  to pay for improper heating.

Tote Heater

Flexible IBC Tote Heaters

This category refers to flexible rubber blanket heaters that sit under, or is fitted around, the IBC tote. These heaters are designed with power densities (watt densities) that will not harm the tote itself, or the material it contains. Flexible tote heaters usually include backside insulation for better thermal and energy efficiency. Other design criteria include thermostats, water resistance for indoor/outdoor use or wash-down environments; 360° grounded heating element for safety; UL certification; 120 or 240 volt plug set.

Immersion Tote Heater

Immersion IBC Tote Heaters

Immersion heaters are submersible heaters that use direct heat transfer to allow liquid mediums to quickly reach desired temperatures. They are commonly used with all types of tanks and processing equipment and are a cost effective, rapid heating method in almost any industrial or manufacturing environment. Immersion tote heaters design criteria include 120 or 240 VAC operation; a wide variety of flange/screw connection sizes; temperature indicators/displays; temperature controllers/thermostats; hi/low alarms; and power cords /connections types.

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